The Story of “U.S”

Over the course of the last four decades, Raj Punjabi has tirelessly searched the globe for friends and family comprised of dedicated musicians, dancers, artists and influencers. This troupe would have to share Raj’s love for the creation of the infusion of one’s emotion into one’s art. During this fantastic journey Raj has had the incredible opportunity to forge indelible, lifelong friendships, none as profound as the connections made with the members of “US”.

When Raj, Wynter, Eric, Aaron, Oz, and Nerak, (all incredible artists in their own right,) came together they each knew something special was on the horizon. However, no-one could have predicted how this group of “Unforgettable Souls” would come together in such a genuine display of generosity, caring and love so as-to leave their mark on the industry they love so much. Through hard work, dedication, some tears and a lot of love: a family was born, a supergroup of unparalleled talent determined to be different with the tenacity to make a difference.

The talent of these Unforgettable Souls have already entertained thousands, influenced millions and have earned billions. Along the way, each of them have endured love and loss, joy and pain, tragedy and triumph Through talented perseverance they have come together to harness their collective skills.

This is the story of Unforgettable Souls.