For many artists, getting paid for their creativity is the most important thing. After all, we exist in the music business, which is
established in order to generate revenue for all different types of vendors. It is a public record, however how much the major
artists get paid for their show performances. The amounts are astounding and alarming, but in these days in this billion dollar
industry, it is not unheard of. The independent artists have an altered view of what revenue platforms are available to them.
The majority of independent artists are prematurely labeling high show performances fee on themselves. This is not entirely
their fault though. In order to keep up with the status quo, artists are opting to get show money rather than slow down and
get the radio spin royalties . Furthermore, club promoters very rarely will pay artists who can’t generate tickets sales, due
to lack of widespread popularity.

I once knew an artist in Las Vegas, for that matter, and he kept saying that he charges for a verse, charges for a show, and hooks. All
that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you have the features, BDS spins, video organic views, Soundcloud organic plays, and blogs to back
up his claims. Needless to see after a few months he quickly changed his stance . But think of the infected minds that were poisoned with
this idea of being paid before deserving. Think of the time he wasted while hollering why he deserved this.The popularity comes from the
radio spins, which will lead to the increase media coverage, and many more future placements. Artists should not be so concerned with the traditional revenue streams. Artists should utilize the other revenue streams that are untapped in order to make asking for performance fees that much more manageable.