Many artists relate the term manager in the entertainment industry to a badge of honor or that they have made it or have reached a status level. Many artists are quick to go and hire or get a manager so some of their accomplishments or even musical content to be taken serious. If you search Google, you will find a definition like this; “The job may include: negotiating contracts and fees, finding, and booking events and venues that match the artist’s career strategy, advising on career decisions, publicity, and promotion, helping them on career decisions such as which record producer to work with, or which songs to perform, and managing media relations”. Artists that have not done the foundation work, so that a manager can do their job, is doom to fail. Artists many times don’t have a legitimate fanbase, paperwork, pool of producers, a street team, radio etiquette, social media team, PR, and the list goes on. These same individuals should first prepare to build platforms and teams before bringing a “manager” into their brand. Artists should also be careful of hiring a manager. These days and times, many individuals are becoming managers and publicists at an alarming number just like, everyone seems to be a singer and a rapper these days. Ask for a resume, search them, ask around, these are the legitimate questions that an artist should ask before seeking and hiring a manager. Just like a marriage or a relationships, personalities and character traits must match and correlate for it to be successful.