As the music industry has evolved, there are more and more artists’ throwing their skills and brands into the circle. Inside the digital age, more artists are making their mark and gaining substantial demographic territory because of the utilization of the internet. Along with this phenomenon, more major labels are seeking to take advantage of both the increase in popular independent artists and the increase in available digital consumer. Many labels are offering distribution deals, long before artists are ready to financially ready to benefit from this badge of honor. Very few artists, in this age are developed. Artists’ developmental deals are becoming very foreign and less likely as the influx of distribution deals are being given out.

Artists are being impacted on the long term because of not being able to be developed. The major labels have the resources in order to give out the artist developmental deals or opportunities, however on the short term; the developmental deals do not benefit the labels bank account. On the short term the labels get to monitor and own portions of an artists’ catalog, via the distribution deals. The artists’ are consequently entranced into a magically land full of popularity through the distribution deal. The real winner in this twisted marriage is the labels. The labels get to spend less and get more, and get first pick at the diamond in the rough that shines through the distribution deal heading to profitability.