For many artists the idea and goal of traveling across the globe and gaining international fans in order to increase their international brand image, is not only attractive but considered one of the pillars to success. The international strategy that artists’ employ is somewhat ineffective because of music education and the inability for the artists to relate to the international consumer. One specific example, Compton based hip hop group N.W.A., created timeless and creative music based on the group’s environment and experiences. Fans and the consumers that can relate to those same experiences equally purchase and follow the music sensations as a result of this formula equation. This formula relates and transcends more to the national exposure rather than international exposure. Consumers in London, Germany, Switzerland and Ghana will not relate to the experiences of N.W.A., because of socioeconomic status levels.

Artists must use and implement a different strategy in order to attract the international consumer. “Artists these days must be politically, economically, and socially aware when creating music”, says American Monster Guild Chief Executive Officer Devon Brabham. There is a huge difference in making national music and international music, and the huge difference in the consumers that purchase the music digitally. “IFPI’s Global Music Report 2016 also reported a 10.2 per cent rise in digital revenues to US$ 6.7 billion, with a 45.2 per cent increase in streaming revenue more than offsetting the decline in downloads and physical formats”.

The artists brand image will be no doubt be affected by the success or failure of both the international exposure and the boundaries of the national platform in the United States of America. The “limitless of the artists strategy will no doubt handicap their success”, says American Monster Guild CEO Devon Brabham. Artists’ should really research and develop an awareness of the brand in order to be rewarded with a long term career.