Malaysia born singer Keith is a precious gem in the R&B scene.Melting the hearts of the girls around him with his persona,style,confidence,grace and boldness.Keith is now officially a member of American Monster Guild.He is equipped with steady lowkey voice and his own unique grooves and flows.Many are describing him as R&B’s rising star to be listen to.He is ready to rise again after dealing with a harsh downfall that almost make him stop doing music.

Keith was a well-known underground singer and he wants to get that fire back with him.He wants to win the heart of his fans once again with American Monster Guild setting the course for him.His mission is to get his fans and audiences to feel the happiness,the joy and the pain he went through his music.If you listen to his previous tracks,you can hear his sincerity and what he went through and its a story that many of us can relate to.

Keith is an artist that pretty much knew that music is everything for him since he was a young little boy.Struggling hard to make sure his music heard,Keith is one the hardest working artist in the scene.He knows how to win the heart of his audience and comfort them with his voice.Keith is currently in the process of writing his new track “Heartbreak”.Make sure that you’ll support him and he will make you melt once again.Keith and American Monster Guild will be soothing your ears soon.