Fresh off an amazing 2016, American Monster Guild doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, and only gets stronger. As the world knows them, AMG, is proud to manage artists: Neechie, Jaysmoove, Rob Mack, Young VIP, Explisit, EC2RX, and Alabama star King Slim. As versatile as these artists are, CEO Devon “Ghost” Brabham says, “As talent and unique as each artist is, they are only getting better, which doesn’t bode well for the industry”.

He goes onto say that “Many times labels contact me in regards to my artists, but the fact that they are paying attention is a great vibe for the independent music culture”.With “Year of The Monster Part 1 Tour”, “Too Often Mini Tour”, “Everything Lit Tour” slated for 2017, this year will be filled with excitement, and all highlights the emergence at one of the most consistent teams around. Fans have a unique ability to reach the artists via website, social media, and even the CEO at any time, which makes American Monster Guild very unique in its structure. “We believe that the fans make all of this possible, so we do it for them”, says AMG artist Young Vip. Upon research, venue owners, labels, record DJ’s, and fans all unanimously agree that its definitely the “Year of The Monster”.