American Monster Guild, through Executive Order Distribution seeks to enrich
the fan base of all companies, brands, and artists through effective platforms and services.
We do not use any bot programs, fake followers, fake views, fake plays, any altering of any
demographic data. We feel that by altering any data, we would be cheating our clients and
the fans that we have connected to and built trust with over the years.


American Monster Guild will distribute
your music to every distribution platform
available. By using our revamped distribution,
you will be exposed to many more platforms
than the competitors. We will never take down
your music or charge you a fee to keep it up.
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American Monster Guild uses its expansive
Network and social media following to promote
Your brand, company, images, music, and videos.
Our promotion platform focuses on getting real
engagement through organic processes and
systems, and not on bot system. American
Monster Guild promotions is the way to go!


Through our use of enormous catalog of magazines,
radio platforms, and industry professionals, our
clients have experienced a wide range of success.

We use our connections to get our clients placed
in the most high profile music and modeling channels.
American Monster Guild believes in having a one on one
connection, so you are personally in touch with the CEO
of the company at all times. American Monster Guild
marketing Service is the way to go if you are
serious about your craft.


American Monster Guild has video distribution
relationships with many video distribution platforms
across the globe. Our platform provides the client to
access to over hundreds of thousands of fans, via video
platforms. The artists keeps all of its streaming royalties
minus a service fee for placement, therefore making the
artists profitable. Get access to thousands of fans,
with our unique video platforms.


At American Monster Guild, we believe in artists
owning their music and making sure that they
are receiving every dollar that is available
to them. We increase the turnaround, so
that your copyrights and media base
transactions are completed In a
timely manner, for complete
piece of mind.


While your music is making money, on all of
the digital Platforms, you are missing a big
piece of the pie. American Monster Guild will
work tirelessly To put your music in movies
and television.

As the digital market becomes over saturated,
artists must expose themselves to a new
audience. Trust us with your sync
licensing and watch your bank
account will increase
with residual.