A dynamic music artist who focuses on hip-hop and R&B , Pace Brown’s music is known to have a romantic and passionate quality that is very warm. It is what stands out to his listeners who enjoy the emotional sentiments his work carries. As a music artist, hailing from Harlem, Pace Brown started by playing different instruments at a very early age.

His family not only loved his work but also encouraged him to indulge in different music styles and types, language, and topics. This immersive experience helped to develop his unique sound and helped get a sense of the kind of music he would like to make. The refinement in his work is something listeners have noted and commented on with believing that he should be famous already.

As a performer, he also dynamic in that he has performed in concert halls, at lounges, his favorite clubs, and bars. His work has drawn comparisons to Ryan Leslie, but Brown’s work is largely unique. He has also opened up for different performers, including club owners, friends, tour stages and more.

In his free time, he has donated his time and resource generously to charitable associations. Currently, he is focused on making the video for is latest single release titled “Cola”. He is also busy with the new upcoming project titled Dammit Daniel, which will be the sequel in his series and will be released soon. He is also working on his radio segment 2Thousand1990 and enjoys spending his time with his daughter.



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