You ever wonder why brands such as Wal-mart, Target, Ford, Toyota, or even Apple always seem to outlast the gimmicks of other newer brands that have introduced themselves into the marketplace? Brands are bigger than just an idea or a quick fix gimmick. Artists and Entrepreneur’s often do not take the time to build brands, because it takes time. Brands have a following, some companies have a segmented demographic and that is all. Brands have followings all over the world, that flock for their product or service regardless of the price or circumstance. Apple, has a carefully crafted brand that no matter what Samsung does, continues to be a concrete leader in the industry. Why is that? The answer is very simple. Apple has taken the time over the years with leaders like the late Steve Jobs to build a brand that has a distinct vision, mission statement, and short and long term goals that can easily be referred to. Ask any artists, especially independent artists what their mission statement is; and you will hear crickets on that specific topic. Ask the same artists on his or her genre of music you will hear a definite answer. As an artist, you are a brand. So, there are certain tasks and goals that will be sought after because you are a brand. As a CEO, I decided that I was going to construct a brand that would live long after I am gone. So, in doing that the vision of American Monster Guild, is very different from the get rich quick schemes of many other companies. Artists leave at times because the brand is taking too long to develop, but as a brand owner these are hurdles that you must be comfortable with accepting, otherwise you are just building and operating a company and that is all it will ever be. Make the choices that will allow your brand to grow 20 years from now.