Artists have the misconception that to “make it” or “blow up” they need features from their favorite major artist. Artists work tirelessly to build their brand up to be taken seriously, and have dreams of using the features to create leverage to gain traction on the industry. Artists these days are using the major artists’ popularity and marketability to sell themselves. This is not entirely wrong or incorrect. Using the major artists influence, can add gasoline to the gaining momentum of the independent artist. The first step in this process, however, is to build the individual artist fanbase organically independent of the major music industry. The organic fanbase can provide the best promotion to make the feature of a “Kevin Gates” or “J Cole” or even “Kendrick Lamar” make sense. Without this step, the artist is left with just another hot song, where the listeners will eventually forget about “that other guy”. However, building the brand does take time and patience, two things that are like “Kryptonite” to the independent artist because of the age factor and the fierce competition.