Over the years, the hip-hop culture as we know it has changed. Hip-hop was introduced into an unstable world, but through the decades, the music has changed along with the changes within the generations. The generations that have come after the birth of hip hop, have helped shape the music that has come from both male and female artists over time. Hip hop has opened up doors that were inaccessible and has expanded on the earlier accomplishments of the likes of RunDMC, GangStarr, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and many more. The music has changed the fashion, language, socio-economic status, and even politics as we know it in 2017. The artists’ through music, now have opinions that were previously silenced by restraints from the media and politicians seeking to silence the evolution of hip hop. The transformation of this music genre, into its own culture that generates over 10 billion per year, has crossed over into the secular and non-secular world’s and has influenced the daily usage of syntax and symbolism of all demographics. Hip hop has changed the world we live in , and has created a new culture that has influenced all areas of life. Hip hop as a voice is just waiting on the rest of the world to recognize that this culture is permanent and only growing into a more powerful and influential institution.