There was once a time in independent artist’s careers where exposure was accepted no matter the avenue or lane. These days many artists look for exposure opportunities, but suffer from the Entitlement Complex. The Entitlement Complex is one where individuals, whether entertainment, women, men or otherwise feel that the world and everything that embodies it; owes them things. This complex becomes like a virus, affecting people, places, and things. Artists have in so many ways lost the purity of the hunger due to living inside the Entitlement Theory. People have become used to feeling like the world and other people owe them something. Exposure for artists should be a welcoming opportunity, but artist have started to measure pending opportunities by what has worked for other artists. Since every artist is different, the exposure opportunities that one artist uses or manufactures as a success will undoubtedly not equate to the same for others. American Monster Guild has used a multitude of exposure opportunities and have used them each independently of the other. It has worked and been modeled of the years, by other bigger companies to capitalize on strategic marketing and placements. As in previous blogs, artists should operate themselves as a brand. In doing so, the choices and exposure opportunities will be reviewed independently to gauge the measurable success.