Keith Haywood aka Born 1988 Oakland, Mon$ta was givin his name as a youngster by his brother dough in 2008. Mon$ta has said that music in the Oakland area, that artists dont really get the shine like other rappers do Mon$ta come out wit ” just Mon$ta” Mixtape. The mixtape had 4,ooo downloads and 1500 listen on that Mon$ta was in the street life after he dropped his mixtape in 2010 he went to jail but he was making music while he was away also he had the pen to the pad.

He came home and got to work doing his thing . In the past few years Mon$ta has really stood out on the independent rap scene in the Bay Area. He is one of the hardest working artists from Oakland, and releases material to keep the buzz going. Mon$ta has performed at venues on a local and national level, in front of audiences ranging from 1,000 to 5,000.

He has worked with many upcoming and well known artists in the industry including kendrick lamar, jacka ,clyde carson, main attrakionz,and danny brown. Mon$ta also performed at SXSW and for spin magazine live at SXSW pushing cash click hard Cash Click is Mon$ta & yun lit the other CEO of cashclick been pushing the name.

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