Lavon Kennedy, born and raised in Inglewood, California.
This multi talented performer has mastered being a rapper, singer,
and songwriter. After being in groomed in the tough streets of Los
Angeles, he saw incredible success once he moved to Las Vegas.

Now if you have ever seen Lavon Kennedy, one thing is for certain
he has been defined as “electric” and full of “energy”, which is
why he has been a independent favorite since relocating to Sin City.
His singles “Slow Down” and “Bizness” have been longtime favorites in
the underground scene. Lavon has performed in Colorado, California,
Detroit, Texas, Atlanta, and many other states and has received many

You can also read up on Lavon Kennedy in International Music Magazine.
In Lavon’s words “I make commercial music or in my words industry music,
something for all ages and races”. Lavon has been quietly working with
some incredible producers on his new project. Lavon is the most masterful
blend of energy, Billboard Top 100, and lyricism that has been often vacant
from today’s music.

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