The Age of the Digital Artist

These days, many artists are gaining a lot of notoriety and success because of the emerging partnership of the internet. Artists and people alike can watch their favorite television shows, movies, and no longer have to dependent on reading the headlines and storylines in the newspaper or magazines. The internet has made the ability for [...]

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Year of the Monster Tour : SXSW Edition March 8th through March 16th, 2018

American Monster Guild has started off the First Quarter with a definite statement. After a successful 2017, CEO Devon “Ghost” Brabham reformulated a 2018 strategy that is slated to attack key markets throughout the United States. The Year of the Monster Tour partnered up with Lab Music owned By Knowledge Velazquez and Parker Road Entertainment [...]

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Sync Licensing

Sync Licensing is a process where an artist can earn money simply by submitting music for background music to movies, television shows, placement in commercials. Artist can earn money by placements or royalties by the number of times that TV or movie is played. This is a huge opportunity for artists to earn residual income [...]

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Tune Core Vs The World

Tune Core has made a significant lane for the independent artists. The independent artist striving for major record sales, popularity, and main stream success are navigating to Tune Core and CD Baby because of this inexpensive promise. The artist’s budget is considerably less than the major artists. While major artists’ deal with these huge distribution [...]

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Moving Too Fast, Dying Too Slow

Too many times artist travel into an abyss. That abyss that artist are trapped in, is the abyss of the independent majority. This term is a place where independent artists are doing what their friends are doing, because it is safe and the cheapest. The hardest road travel is often the one that artist will [...]

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Entitlement Theory

There was once a time in independent artist’s careers where exposure was accepted no matter the avenue or lane. These days many artists look for exposure opportunities, but suffer from the Entitlement Complex. The Entitlement Complex is one where individuals, whether entertainment, women, men or otherwise feel that the world and everything that embodies it; [...]

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Features First Or Brand First

Artists have the misconception that to “make it” or “blow up” they need features from their favorite major artist. Artists work tirelessly to build their brand up to be taken seriously, and have dreams of using the features to create leverage to gain traction on the industry. Artists these days are using the major artists’ [...]

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Is Your Brand a Part of you Or Is It You?

You ever wonder why brands such as Wal-mart, Target, Ford, Toyota, or even Apple always seem to outlast the gimmicks of other newer brands that have introduced themselves into the marketplace? Brands are bigger than just an idea or a quick fix gimmick. Artists and Entrepreneur’s often do not take the time to build brands, [...]

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The Evolution Of The Digital Artist

Going to the local music shop was an adventure for music enthusiasts. Going and shopping for your favorite musical artists latest release. These days, the world has changed. Years ago, popping the trunk of your car and pulling out physical CD’s was the avenue where majority of artists distributed their music. Introducing the digital age. [...]

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