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Performance Over Longetivity

For many artists, getting paid for their creativity is the most important thing. After all, we exist in the music business, which is established in order to generate revenue for all different types of vendors. It is a public record, however how much the major artists get paid for their show performances. The amounts are [...]

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American Monster Guild CEO Devon Brabham On: “International Versus National Exposure And The Effects On The Artists Brand Image”

For many artists the idea and goal of traveling across the globe and gaining international fans in order to increase their international brand image, is not only attractive but considered one of the pillars to success. The international strategy that artists’ employ is somewhat ineffective because of music education and the inability for the artists [...]

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American Monster Guild CEO Devon Brabham On: Should Artists Be Given An Artist Developmental Deal Before A Single Distribution Deal?

As the music industry has evolved, there are more and more artists’ throwing their skills and brands into the circle. Inside the digital age, more artists are making their mark and gaining substantial demographic territory because of the utilization of the internet. Along with this phenomenon, more major labels are seeking to take advantage of [...]

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American Monster Guild CEO Devon Brabham On: Copyrights Vs. Publishing, And The Separation Of Truths

If you ask any independent artist the difference between their copyrights and their publishing, there is an absolute guarantee that you will get many different answers. It goes without saying that an artist’s knowledge regarding the music industry and their preparation in their mandatory paperwork is equivalent to their professional success. The majority of artists [...]

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Life Of An A&R

There is a huge misconception of what an A&R actually is. Ask any artist or music connoisseur what is an A&R, and you are guaranteed to get many different answers. For many people an A&R, is that person that discovers talent in the dirtiest, ugliest and most obscure place. The media and of course the [...]

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American Monster Guild CEO Devon Brabham on “Brand Management”

For many artists having a brand is just standing for something. The most common fallacy that most independent artists don’t equate themselves with big global brands like Verizon, Sony, Wal-Mart, Monster Energy, MGM, Southwest Airlines, and so many other successful brands. An artist is a brand. Artists need to stand for something. Everything an artist [...]

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